Student Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards



    To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  • Be a major or minor in MCL or FLIE in one of the following tracks: Arabic and Islamic Studies, Chinese Studies, Classics, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Japan Studies, or Russian Studies; or a minor in Jewish Studies studying Hebrew; or a graduate student in MCLLC
  • Complete the scholarship application by the deadline
  • Be a full-time, undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Kentucky
  • Apply for, or plan to apply for, an approved education abroad program in summer, fall, or spring terms
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) at time of scholarship application
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing at the time of the award and during the semester prior to their intended term abroad
  • A demonstrated financial need on the basis of the financial aid forms on file at the University of Kentucky Financial Aid Office

Students are ineligible for this scholarship if they:

  • Are freshmen or transfer or graduate students in their first semester at UK (result of GPA requirement)
  • Plan to use this scholarship in their final semester at UK

    To apply, students must complete the following by the scholarship deadline:


    Submit an online application which includes

    • A letter of recommendation from a  UK professor or staff member
    • A well-crafted double-spaced essay (maximum 1000 words) answering the following question: How will this scholarship be particularly beneficial, meaningful, or helpful to you in the pursuit of your long-term educational and/or career goals?
    • Copies of financial aid forms on file in the UK Financial Aid office.
    • Application Cover Sheet (see below)


Scholarship Support


  1. Scholarship applications are accepted until January 30 each year. Submit all materials electronically to Katie Holzhause (
  2. The Scholarship Committee awards at least 2 scholarships per year with a minimum amount of $1000.
  3. If funds are to be applied for travel, receipts must be supplied to the department for reimbursement. For information on other sources of financial support for study abroad, contact the Education Abroad office at 859-257-4067 or visit the Education Abroad web page:

Application Cover Sheet

UK Student ID number: E-mail Address:
Local Address:
Local Telephone:
Home Address (if different from above):
Home Telephone:
Major (or minor):
Dates and location of study abroad program:


  • CLASSICS:  The Swift/Longacre/Scaife Fellowship, named after long-serving UK Classics professor Louis Swift, long-serving Georgetown College professor Ruth Longacre, responsible for sending so many Latin teachers to Kentucky schools, and Digital Classics pioneer Ross Scaife from the UK Classics faculty, whose brilliant career was tragically cut short.  This fellowship - amounting to several thousand dollars - is awarded to a graduate student in Classics for a year of study.  The awardee alternates each year between a student planning to go on to PhD studies in Classics after his or her time at UK, and a student planning to go into teaching Latin in schools.


  •  RUSSIAN:  The Russian Studies Education Abroad scholarship is open to any UK student who plans to study Russian on an officially UK-sanctioned program in Russia or a Russian-speaking country for a summer, semester, or academic year.  The scholarship, established by Professor (emeritus) Jerry Janecek, enables students to receive a modest stipend to help defray program costs or support an airline ticket.  Students on any level are welcome to apply.  A minimum of $500 is awarded to a student who receives the scholarship.  For application information, please contact Professor Cynthia Ruder at

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