New Affiliate Faculty Presentations

Every spring, the Committee on Social Theory sponsors New Affiliate Presentations, in which our newest faculty affiliates present their research to Social Theory affiliated graduate students and faculty members. 

Spring 2019 New Affiliate Presentations

Anastasia Todd, Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies

'Cripping Affect, Affectively Crip: National Imaginaries of Disability and Gender'

Nick Lally, Assistant Professor of Geography

'Mapping Imaginaries'

Lindsay Shade, Lecturer, Community and Leadership Development

'Extraction, inequality, and the politics of illegibility'

Sheila Jelen, Associate Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies

'Israeli Cracow Ghetto Interviews in a Post-Zionist Moment'

Kevin McGowan, Assistant Professor of Linguistics

'Social expectation, bias, and speech perception'

Jen Jack Gieseking, Assistant Professor of Geography

'Constructing a Lesbian-Queer Production of Space in Constellations'