disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory








Volume 27 (forthcoming): The Archive

Editors: Sophonie Bazile, Christine Woodward, and Zach Griffith


Volume 25: Transnational Lives (Current volume hosted by UKnowledge).

Editors: Ashley Ruderman and Catherine D. Gooch

Table of Contents:

Editors' Preface and Acknowledgements, Ashley Ruderman and Catherine D. Gooch

Reflections on Social Theory, Ted Schatzki

UK Social Theory and the Shaping of an Academic Career, Arnold L. Farr

Regimes of Prestige and Power: Transnational Authorship and International Acclaim in Rutu Modan's Exit Wounds, Kyle Eveleth

At Home in the Free- Market World: The Neoliberal Cosmopolitan Man in Salman Rushdie's Fury, Mary J. Nitsch

Day By Date: Postcolonial Contention and Cosmopolitan Temporaility in Niyi Osundare's Days Senayon Olaoluwa

Cartographies of Transnational Desires: Bi-national Same-Sex Couples in Literature and Film, Alla Ivanchikova

Speaking in Tongues: Langague and National Belonging in Globalizing Europe, Uli Linke

Making a New Forest, Lina Tharsing

The Poetics of Transnational Life: Writing Identity Across Borders, Benzi Zhang

Transnational Identities and Religious Traditions: A Case of Religius Double Belonging in India, Enrico Beltramini

Transnational Ties Within Azorean Multigenerational Kinship Groups: Multi-connectedness and ICTs, Ana Gherghel and Josiane Le Gall

Beyond Metropolises: Hybridity in a Transnational Context, Raihan Sharif

Reflections on Vivid Vagabondage: Ambryn, Thomas Dick

A Conversation with Mahmood Mamdani, Catherine D. Gooch and Ashley Ruderman

Cosmopolitanism, Migration, and Transnationalism: An Interview with Nina Glick Schiller, Lauren Copeland, Agata Grzelczak, and Pathmanesan Sanmugeswaran

Meaning in Metaphor: An Interview with Otto Santa Ana, Sheryl Felecia Means, Anna Stone, and Jonathan Tinnin

Translocational Social Theory After "Community": An Interview with Floya Anthias, Matt Bryant Cheney, Lucía M. Montás, and James William Lincoln

Transnationalism, Xicanosmosis, and the U.S. - Mexico Border: An Interview with William Nericcio, Yorki J. Encalada Egusquiza, Catherine D. Gooch, and Joshua D. Martin

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What is disClosure?
disClosure is an annual thematic publication dedicated to investigating and stimulating interest in new directions in contemporary social theory. By encouraging submissions from a variety of disciplinary, geographical, and theoretical perspective and genres, the journal seeks to expand the nature of what is studied by the academy and how it is studied.  In an effort to construct new approaches to form and content, we encourage submissions that employ innovative writing styles as well as formal scholarly work. The journal annually publishes articles, art, creative writing, interviews, and book reviews.

disClosure is an inventive journal of social theory, each issue of which publishes interviews, book reviews and refereed essays, poems, and art work focused on a given topic. The journal is edited by graduate students participating in Committee research activities, most of whom are working toward a Graduate Certificate in Social Theory and taking ST 610: disClosure Editorial Collective for credit. The focus of past issues has been:

  1. Rethinking Contemporary Mythologies (1992)
  2. The Buying and Selling of Culture (1993)
  3. Fin-de-siècle Democracy (1994)
  4. Making Boundaries (1995)
  5. Reason INCorporated (1996)
  6. reVisioning Justice (1997)
  7. coloring (1998)
  8. peregriNations (1999)
  9. manholes (2000)
  10. childhood (2001)
  11. metropolis (2002)
  12. (in)civiities (2003)
  13. pangaea (2004)
  14. Incanations (2005)
  15. thresholds (2006)
  16. Stirrings: Journeys Through Emotion (2007)
  17. Roots & Routes (2008)
  18. War (2009)
  19. Consuming Cultures (2010)
  20. Family, Sex, Law (2011)
  21. Self/Story (2012) 
  22. Security (2013)
  23. Mapping (2014)
  24. Market Failures, Famines & Crises (2015)
  25. Transnational Lives (2016)

Students are responsible for all aspects of the journal, from the solicitation and review of manuscripts, art work, and poetry, to correspondence, publicity, distribution, fund-raising, book reviewing, and preparation of a camera-ready copy. Each issue has a Chief Editor, Managing Editor, Review Editor, and Art Editor who oversee the collective's efforts; and Committee members supply advice for the entire operation. disClosure is housed in the social theory office and produced on the state of the art computer equipment available there. The journal also has an internationally renowned editorial board (see below) that assists in the evaluation of submissions.

disClosure is a refereed journal produced in conjunction with the Committee on Social Theory at the University of Kentucky.  Funding was provided by: the Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School, and the Student Government Association.

For more information, write to:

Sophonie Bazile, Christine Woodward, and Zach Griffith
disClosure editors


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