Social Theory Courses

Graduate Students participating in Committee activities have the opportunity to earn a Graduate Certificate in Social Theory. This Certificate offers students systematic multidisciplinary training in social theory. It augments, and is pursued concurrently with, the regular M.A and Ph.D. degree programs of participating departments. To receive the Certificate, a student must take four courses:

  1. ST 500, Introduction to Social Theory, providing students with a broad survey of social theoretical issues spanning the humanities and social sciences,
  2. ST 600, Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Social Theory, a topical, team-taught seminar conjoined with a public lecture series,
  3. ST 610, disClosure Editorial Collective, offering professional editorial and research experience, and
  4. Either ST 690, a topical seminar jointly taught by faculty members from the humanities and social sciences, or an elective theory course from outside the student's home discipline selected from Committee members' offerings.

Students interested in enrolling in Social Theory courses do not need to complete the Graduate Certificate in order to take Social Theory related courses. Students who wish to complete the Social Theory Graduate Certificate may also enroll in Social Theory related courses, which are taught by Social Theory affiliated faculty in a range of departments. These courses are listed under the "Fall Related Courses" and "Spring Related Courses" tabs on the left side of this page.

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