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Emancipation, New Sensibility, and the Challenge of a New Era: Arnold Farr


This November, scholars and activists from around the world will gather at UK to attend the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Herbert Marcuse Society. Arnold Farr, a philosopher and social theorist here at the University of Kentucky, is organizing the conference, which seeks to examine “Emancipation, New Sensibility, and the Challenge of a New Era.”

Mapping the Abstract: Jenny Rice

Most of us associate mapping with cartography, but that's not always the case.

Lecture to Discuss Arab World Revolutions
The revolutions throughout Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and other nations in the Arab world have inspired earnest debate among experts. UK experts will discuss related topics this Friday.
History Students Enrich Kentucky Historical Databases
Students serve as history-detectives, acquiring information from community leaders, local archivists and historians from across the U.S., to accumulate relevant information never analyzed concurrently. They developed and debated historical interpretations of the primary sources they found and engaged in both online and classroom discussions.
2010 Social Theory Lecture Series: Marianne Noble (Part 1)
The Committee on Social Theory presents the 2010 Lecture Series, "Law, Sex, and Family" Marianne Noble is a Professor in the Department of Literature at American University. On Friday February 5, 2010, she delivered her lecture, "The Limits of Empathy and The Promise of Sex in Walt Whitman and Julia Ward Howe".
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