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Jordan Brower
Assistant Professor of English

I completed a joint PhD in English Literature and Film and Media Studies, and my recent research and writing attend to the various ways the institution of the Hollywood studio system inflected (primarily) American prose fiction in the first half of the twentieth century. I am beginning new work on contemporary Hollywood’s responses to crises of various scales (e.g. data breaches, executive malfeasance, technological shifts, climate change); portions of that project are forthcoming in JCMS: The Journal of Cinema and Media Studies. I have essays published in journals including Critical Inquiry, ELH: English Literary History, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, James Joyce Quarterly, Modern Language Quarterly, and Post45, and for a popular audience in the Los Angeles Review of Books and the Washington Post

Before coming to the University of Kentucky in 2019, I taught as a lecturer in the interdisciplinary History and Literature program at Harvard University and, as a graduate student and then adjunct, at Yale University. In 2024, I will be honored as a "Great Teacher" by the University of Kentucky's Alumni Association. I'm very proud of this award; you can read more about it here:

Contact Information
1365 Patterson Office Tower
Ph.D., English and Film and Media Studies, Yale University (2016)

B.A., English, Amherst College (2007)
Research Interests
  • Classical Hollywood Cinema
  • Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
  • 20th Century American Literature
  • Modernism
  • Film
  • English
  • International Film Studies
  • Social Theory