Spring Lecture Series

Spring 2018: Affect

Co-instructors: Arnold Farr, Philosophy

                        Dierdra Reber, Hispanic Studies

                        Anna Secor, Geography

                        Sharon Yam, Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies

                        Charlie Yi Zhang, Gender and Women's Studies

The study of affect – variously understood as emotion, feeling, capacity, or even relationality -- demands a transdisciplinary approach. In this seminar, we will explore how affect studies has spawned and enabled different theoretical and methodological approaches that have informed new dimensions and directions of analysis in cultural anthropology, geography, feminist and queer studies, psychology, religious studies, media and cultural studies, science and technology studies, biomedicine and biology. The objectives of this course are 1) to develop a transdisciplinary understanding of affect that might provide a foundation for graduate work in thesis area and 2) to hone analytical skills (oral and written) through interdisciplinary discussion, writing, and lectures.   

--Details for the Spring 2018 Lecture Series: Affect--

Becoming White: White Children and the Erasure of Black Suffering
Shannon Sullivan, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
February 16 at 2pm
W.T. Young Library Alumni Auditorium
On (Not) Knowing What Is To Be Done (in 17 affective registers)
Deborah Gould, University of California, Santa Cruz
March 9 at 2pm
W.T. Young Library Alumni Auditorium
Immediation: The Being of Relation
Brian Massumi, Université de Montréal
April 6 at 2pm
W.T. Young Library Alumni Auditorium
Wordly Compositions: Affective Ecologies of Living in the U.S. Now
Kathleen Stewart, University of Texas-Austin
April 14 at 2pm
W.T. Young Library Alumni Auditorium
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